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We help you get significantly better results from your social media starting from now.

Don't be fooled. 26 likes and 212 views for your post is not a great result. It's a poor result.

Just like a recent post we created for our client, you can expect similar results:

13,369 impressions


77 comments and


And then leads came in.

For the love of results, talk to us.

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Dominate your domain 

We deliver done-with-you and done-for-you solutions to help you dramatically and visibly increase engagement, leads, connections, and exposure.

Optimise your activity

We update and optimise your profile, align the team for messaging coherence, and we work with you and for you to create posts and articles that increase engagement and results.

Train your team

Writing effective posts and articles from a perspective of people-centred marketing is a learnable skill. We'll train your team in six sessions.

Increase video activity

We help you create, edit, subtitle, brand, and repurpose videos across various social channels to increase engagement by video-preferring audiences.

Create campaign webpages

We quickly create engaging landing pages to align with campaigns and generate connections with site visitors. We automate qualifying visitors and help them set appointments with you or your team.

Clear, executed, results

We craft campaign strategies, clarify on-brand messaging, and agree campaign cadence of elements. And then we execute, reporting results regularly.

Sharpin for Organisations

We train your people to leverage LinkedIn through profile optimisation, business alignment and results-focused article writing. Our training programs, one-to-one coaching, and writing feedback through our  Cordner Content Writing Framework increases clarity, confidence, commitment and a cadence of content that returns long-tail engagement and results.

Whether your organisation wants to increase brand visibility, leverage staff networks for business growth, position yourself as an employer of choice to attract top talent, or to align or shift the internal culture, our programs deliver.

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Sharpin for Business Owners

Our customers who run their own businesses or lead sales teams tend to focus on increasing sales. They knew their potential customers are spending time on LinkedIn, but they tell us that ads there are expensive, confusing and haven't worked.

When we showed them how to get more customers without paying for ads, they were on board right away.

Depending on your needs and situation we have solutions where:

We train you to do it yourself.

We work with you to do it with you.

We work with you to do it for you.

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Sharpin for Individuals

It's your career. Here are 5 of our services that our clients focus on to get results:

  1. 1. We help you increase LinkedIn visibility for internal and external opportunities.

  1. 2. We help you leverage LinkedIn for positioning yourself for career growth.

3. We help you increase the likelihood and frequency of getting a Promotion/Payrise.

4. We position them to land that job.

5. We prepare senior leaders for Board positions.

We have courses, masterclasses and coaching to help you accelerate your career.

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Chat with us to see if we're a good fit for you

Set up a quick call with our marketing head, Matt Cordner.

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Here are some testimonials

"Sharpin's personalisation of the writing, the authenticity, the topic: they touched more of an accord with people than I thought it would. Being in sales we always want more, but to get such a high readership and so many comments: we're very happy with the results.

- Senior Manager of Channel Sales, Computer Retail industry, Australia

I'm just so proud of our articles. Working together with the team at Sharpin is such a wonderful experience. I've gained a skill for life and the confidence to apply it is validated by the extraordinary results.

- CIO, Logistics Industry, New Zealand

Brilliant: the insights and feedback about how to make my writing even better make so much sense. They step us through their writing frameworks beautifully (and with great humour!) I highly recommend doing this training.

- Business Owner, Consultancy Industry, Singapore

Over 3000 views and nearly 300 engagements for each of the first few articles. The proof is in this pudding. I'm sold on the process and am excited to continue. What really stands out for me is the style of writing that is something not typical in most service providers. I certainly cannot find it here and it is not my strength to do it myself to this level. The service from Sharpin makes sense to me and my organisation is about to have them work with more of our heads. Thank you.

- Department Head, IT systems industry, India

Expert training for management. I attended the course and found the knowledge to be very valuable. What makes it even more valuable was the way that they transferred their knowledge to us. It's like they break down all the components, explains to us what each and every component does, and then builds them back together again. They did it in such a way that became very easy for us to understand and fun at the same time!

  • - HR Business Partner, Banking Industry, Saudi Arabia

"I don't have the bandwidth do what the Sharpin guys do. I know it needs to be done. Bringing them on board was an excellent decision. The team at Sharpin completed a whole host of activities I'd been meaning to do but was always focused on more pressing issues. Same for my other key leaders. Our external profile were all in sync, the campaigns were right on message and the writing was in our voices. We reconnected with so many people from our networks too, and we increased our reach significantly. I highly recommend this service."

- Managing Director, BioTech, Australia

Imagine the increase in visibility if you and everyone in your team actively marketed your business across multiple online channels with the same passion for it that you have...

Get significantly better results from your social media starting from now.

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3 ways to work with us


We train you

You want the skills and the results. You have the time to learn and to also implement to get the results. We train you.


We coach you

You want the skills, the results and the ongoing assistance to ensure you're getting even better beyond training. We train you and coach you forward.


We do it for you

You want the results. You don't have the time or interest to get the skills, but you want the results to be yours: your voice, your stories, your article. But we write it.

Our clients vary from well-funded startups seeking visibility, to large businesses whose exec team are mission rich but time poor. They are smart leaders who choose to surround themselves with smart resources who deliver results. And we'd love to explore if we can be such a resource for you too.

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